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Kids Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Designing birthday invitation for your kids is a great way to show your care and it’s better to get your child involved with the planning of his own party. Creating birthday invitations also teach him about many things, creativity, wording, etiquette and some basic design skill. If you invite many people, you can print it, but if you only invite dozens of people, it’s a great way to create your own kids birthday invitations by hand. You’ll have great time together making your birthday invitations.


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Now, the first thing you should do, is deciding the dimensions of the invitations. I recommend standard invitations size about 4 inches – 6 inches. If you’re using computer program, you can create it easily. If you create it manually, draw the size and shape of the invitations on a piece of paper using ruler and create straight lines. Next, decide your party theme and invitations theme. It can be your kids favorite superhero like Superman, Hello Kitty, Batman, Pokemon etc. You can also use some kids’ popular items like airplane, balloon, cowboys or cupcakes. If you’re doing this manually or handwritten invitation, I suggest you to buy some stickers, so you aren’t wasting your time drawing those characters or items.

Time for wording for the invitations. Decide what to write on the invitations. You can write ornate language and explain clearly about your party theme and information like time,date and location. Don’t forget to include what attendees should bring with theme and specify the location clearly. You can add glitters, bling-bling or cutouts accent to make it 3D-looking. Write the attendee’s name and your invitation is ready to be mailed.

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