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Kids Birthday Party Invitation Wording

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Happy Birthday there..! Choosing the birthday invitation wording can be intimidating somehow, particularly for our beloved child celebration. But don’t worry, here I include some wording ideas that can bring inspiration for you. Remember to choose the one which can be suitably matched with the theme.

Halloween Birthday Invitation Wording For Kids Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

“It is time to splash, time to play, time to celebrate.
Come and join us for our beloved Princess Tasya’s 4th birthday party. Stay cool in the pool.”

“Our lovely child is finally turning five. Please join us for fun and jive.”

“Cakes and candies will be served. A lot of fun events will be held. Hope you can come to my birthday party and see how big I have grown in my 3th year.”

“Charlie is turning five. Come over and join us for a grand celebration. There are plenty of fun to be had!”

“Next week I ‘m turning two, even though there will be just two candles, but I’ll make sure there will be enough cakes to share.”

“The time is here, I will blow my candles and make a wish. So come and share a cheer. It will be no fun without you.”

“There will be laughter and jive along with baloons and wishtles. I would like to share my cakes and candies as well. So make sure you come and have fun with me.”

“Our little angle is turning one. She can finally laugh and squek. Don’t you want to share a pray. We are celebrating our first daughter’s birthday. Hope you will be there and share your wishes.”

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