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lalaloopsy birthday party invitations

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Who doesn’t like thees cute little figures? I bet your daughter is one of the fans of lalaloopsy. If that so, you can make her special moment merrier with lalaloopsy birthday invites. The concept offers a sweet colorful design that will be favorite among children. You can even find them for free as there some websites provide them for free. You need only fill the blank space with your wording and some details about your party. It will be lovely to send them out to the guest. What I like about this tempate is the design is always full of colors and the lalaloopsy figures make it more interesting, especially for the kids.

One of my favorite designs is has three different frames. At the top, they use a pink polka dots border followed by a pink rhomboid pattern and a black and white diagonal strips at the bottom. In the center, they make an adorable border which is set to write the wording and party details with a white background. Due to its plain background, we can play more with the font styles and colors. In addition, the are three cute clouds at the top which make it sweeter. The most interesting thing is the charming lalaloopsy figures which have been spread in the corner. You can put some fancy articles to enliven the template such as pink sweet ribbon, fancy colorful flowers, or even some cute hamsters. Adding a green plant such as grass and trees can be a good idea as well.

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