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lego star wars birthday invitations template

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Your child’s birthday could be one of the best days in your life. So make sure you plan everything to be just right for the special occasion. If you have a child who is a big fan of star wars, you can think of it as his invitation theme. The sci-fi series provide a different atmospher that can be applied to enliven the invites. Therefore, it can attract the guest to come and celebrate the special moment with you. It is always fun to pick invitation through online resources. There are a lot of star wars design that you can find easily with various price. However, it would be more interesting to make your own design.


You can choose a nice frame to be put in the template. A good frame can make your overall invites be merrier to attract your guest. If you choose a plain background, then select the full-patterned frame make it more fascinating. For example, if you choose white background, you can add a black and white wavy border to make it better. Then, put the lego star wars characters lining at the bottom. Don’t forget to write the wording and some details in the center using some fancy fonts. Alternatively, you can make your lego star wars handmade invites. You can simply start with making a card-style invite from a cardstock and add some lego star wars stickers. Write the wording along with the party details using a glitter pen. Finally, you can put it in the envelopes and stick it using a personalized lego star wars sticker.


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