leopard print birthday invitations

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Happy birthday there! Your big upcoming event is just around the corner, but you are still having trouble to pick a nice theme for the invitations. Don’t worry as we will assist you with some fresh birthday ideas that may match your personal style. If you like something with elaborate pattern, you can consider using leopard print as your invitation theme. This animal print can be nicely combined with many design as you like which provide a bold statement for the cards.

You can easily find many of them in many online stores. It is suitable for every age from kids to adults. You can choose safari theme and add the leopard print border to make it more interesting. In addition, you can add an animal image such as zebra, girrafe, or some other things to be put in the template. You can combine different leopard print patterns as a background. Put the diamond leopard print on the top, followed by zebra print and another leopard style. Remember that leopard motif should not be presented in yellow color. Instead you can play with different style using this leoprad print. For example, you can make a chic leopard invite with a pink and sheer yellow combination, or add a nice ribbon to make it sweeter in a way. If you don’t like to put a photo in your invitation, you can replace with some cute animal pictures such as kitens, or baby tigers in a cute pose. This will make your invitation more attractive to increase the attendence.

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