Free Printable Invitation Template

FREE Printable Lightning Mcqueen Birthday Invitations

Are your little boy a big fan of Disney Cars movie? If the answer is yes, then you probably can make his birthday party more exciting with lighting mcqueen birthday invites. The idea can bring a racing excitement to both host and guest. If you have much time, it is great to show a flair in your own handmade invites. You can start by making a car shaped invitation. The lighting mcqueen car is renowned by red color, so it can be good idea to bring its original character to your design. At first, you can draw a simple car shape in a red construction paper and make the tires from a black cardstock. Then cut them out and you can assemble all the parts with glue stick. Use colorful pens to write the invitation wording at the front part and write the details in the back part. Then finally you can send them in envelopes or hand it out by yourself.

If you happen to be pretty busy and have only little time to prepare, you can order personalized invites from online stores. I like the one which has a big birthday child’s photo in it. You can set the photo in the center and choose playful chest background that is match with the theme. Then put a cool lighting mcqueen image at the bottom left and some details at the other side. To enliven the layout you can add another cars figure such as mater and put another car ornaments in the cards.

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