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Lollipop Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Lollipop party invitation is a way to invite people to a meeting or a party you .You can create your own invitations lollipops from card stock and give a special touch and also functional. You can also create a more vibrant invitations using real lollipop. Not difficult to make invitations lollipops, you will actually be able to save the budget for your party invitations.

Candy land lollipop birthday invitations


Polka dot lollipop birthday invitations


lollipop birthday invitations girls


lollipop 2nd birthday invitations


Custom photo lollipop birthday invitations


Candy land lollipop birthday invitations
The first step is to measure one of your lollipops using a ruler. Note the width and height of the piece of candy that you will use.
Then open the image editing processing program on your computer. Use one with a circle template, so that the text will fit in the middle of the lollipop. In addition, you can also use the program guide ruler. Center the text in the middle of the page and type in your party information. Then copy and paste as many as can fit on the page.
Print your invitations on heavy card stock pages in the printer. Then cut the circle that you are using. If you have never made a previous template, you can use a drinking glass or jar lid but will be slightly smaller than a lollipop. Center the text under the glass by using a pencil.
Cut a circle and use double-sided tape to attach the circle on one side of the lollipop. And now lollipop birthday party invitation has finished 😀

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