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Mardi Gras Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Mardi gras is a celebration that is mostly done by the state of New Orleans and South America. This party was held before the Christians refrain and hold innocent excitement Lent. To create a color and excitement of Mardi Gras in your party, start by giving the guests invited to tell them, how festive your party later. Here are some ideas Mardi Gras invitations that you can make an inspiration.

Mardi Gras Colors and Motifs
In celebration of Mardi Gras colors are gold, purple and green. Gold color symbolizes power, purple and green deliver a justice means faith. Choose a paper stock with one of the colors stau. Or you can also buy the paper with a small mask masks to reinforce your theme and decorate with stickers mask invitation.

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Glow mardi gras birthday invitations
accents Invitations
You can add a few beads of green or gold to represent the rosary at Mardi Gras. A synthetic fur with bright colors, such as turquoise or pink and put the invitation corner section.
Masquerade Masks
Cut the paper to be used as a mask. Draw a line invitation with purple or green glitter to add synthetic decoration and some feathers in your mask. You can buy a plain mask Mardi Gras colors at a craft store and decorate them all with pearls, spray paint, glitter and jewelry. Write your party details on paper, write down the time, date, and RSVP information for your party.

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