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Mermaid Birthday Invitations Ideas

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If you’re planning to celebrate your daughter’s birthday party, then you can consider Mermaid birthday party ideas. Ariel is a popular Disney princess. Make your party venue into and underwater wonderland and start the party excitement by create stunning invitation for your invitees.

Cute Ariel Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Underwater Ariel Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Polka Dots Ariel Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Pearl Ariel Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Simple Ariel Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Princess Ariel Mermaid Birthday Invitations

A good invitation is an invitation that let people know what you’re celebrate and the theme. As we are using Ariel as the party-themed, you can use pink and blue ocean color for your invitation color. You can create simple invitation by buying pre-made Ariel mermaid invitation from the party store. Attach your girl’s photo in the left side and write your party details on the other side. Include party information like date, time and location. You can also include your RSVP number. For the background , you can browse the images through the internet. If you’re unable to operate Photoshop, then you can go to photo lab and ask them to create it for you.

You can also create message in the bottle invitation, print the invitation with Ariel’s image and the party information. Now, roll into a scroll, to make it more real, you can pour sand and sea shells into an empty bottle. Place the scroll inside your bottle, you can send it by hand. If you have some seaworld accessories, you can place it too.

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