Power Ranger Birthday Invitations

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Today we are going to discuss about these five super heroes from Japan for the birthday invitations. If your energitic little boy is a big fan of japanese super hero drama, then considering power ranger design would be a great option. The five heroes have different costume colors which will add the colorful power as a flair. The theme has a strong fire red color as its character. Hence it will deliver the spirit for the guest.

Simple Power Ranger Birthday Invitations Portrait Power Ranger Birthday Invitations Power Ranger Birthday Invitations with Photo

You can absolutely get your personalized power ranger invitations from the internet, if you don’t have time to make your one ones. However make sure you choose the best one for your child’s special moment. My favorite is the one which has five zoom-out head power ranger image in the upper side. There is a power ranger light sign in the bottom along with the inviting wording and the detail information. Alternatively, you can the animation version of them and combine it with colourful fancy font.

Otherwise, it is always good to put your birthday photo on the invitation. Choose the one with a good pose and adorn it with mini power ranger images at the bottom of the picture. Don’t forget to put the date, time, and location as well as the RSVP contact in the invitations. Even though this theme brings up colorful customs, the characters convey a strong attitude. You can also use bright background colors to strengthen the idea. Use the fancy power ranger word such as “pow!” or “ready to fight” or write it on japanese character to add the festive feeling. Have a fun preparation!

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