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Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations Personalized

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Who doesn’t like this fancy cute character from disney. I bet all little girls want to have anything with the minnie mouse figure. As for your little princess birthday, you can use the theme for the invitations. It will absolutely bring the cheer and the excitement to increase the attendance. You can make your own handmade invitations if you can afford the time. Alternatively, you can get your lovely minnie mouse personalized template from many sources in the internet.

minnie mouse birthday invitations wording Minnie Mouse 1st  Wording minnie mouse photo 5th birthday party invitations Minnie Mouse disney birthday invitations Pink Minnie Mouse 1st Simple Minnie Mouse 1st

The figure has a strong character of pink color. You can use pink dotted pattern as the background or simply use a pink patterned frame. Put the full figure of minnie mouse at one side together with pink ribbon as well as pink dress. Remember to choose the one with a cute posture to entertain the guest. You can put a circular photo of your little girl on the other side. It can be adorable to match your daughter dress with pink outfit. Don’t forget to write the date, time, and location clearly in a fancy font.

The other thing is to make a large black minnie head as a base for the wording. Embellish it with a pink ribbon in between the ears. Then you can put your adorable child’s photo at the top right. You can also play with another light colors but don’t lose the character of cute minnie mouse such as black and red. In addition, to enliven the theme, play with different pattern background. Finally, always put the RSVP info, so you can estimate the attendance well.

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