monkey invitations first birthday

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First birthday is always a special moment for everyone. So mark your child’s special celebration with cute monkey invitation. There are a lot of cute monkey designs that will make your child’s party merrier. You can select either photo or non photo invites that may suit your preference. I like the one which has a cute hanging monkey in one side. It is called mod monkey invitation from zazzle. There are two adorable monkeys, one in hanging in a branch on the top left, while the other laying on the bottom right. The background applied in the template also looks attractive. It has three different pattern, a green snowy layout at the top, bright pink in the middle, and colorful vertical stripes at the bottom. The wording and the details are put nicely in a fancy font. The overall design is wonderful and cute for a baby.

You can also choose a photo invitation with bright template. Basically the template is divided into two sections. On the left, you can put your birthday baby’s cute picture in a circle. They have a nice colorful polka dots background in teal. But the interesting thing is that there is a cute mokey image holding a banana in a cute pose. Don’t forget to place the big one next to the monkey in bright color. Furthermore, you can enter the party details on the right side. The background is a pure bright yellow, so you can highlight the font in fancy style and color.

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