Monster Birthday Invitations Ideas

Instead of celebrating your birthday with Halloween birthday themed party, using a monster theme for a birthday party is a fun idea for kids too. There are so many monsters characters that we can use as an idea such as Cookie Monster, Monster Inc or your own monster creature. Once you figure out, an invitation is a must to generate party excitement. You can buy ready-made monster invitation but you can also creating your own monster invitation to make a lasting impression. All you need is some card and craft materials and a lil bit creativity. If you’re able to operate graphic processor like Corel Draw or Photoshop, then you’re ready to go.

First of all, decide, what monsters will be your idea, once you figure it out, go to the internet and print a coloring page drawing a monster. Now, cut out the monster following the black line as close as possible, lay and glue your monster on the foam. Now, you can start coloring the monster, fill out party details in the backside of the foam. Include name, party details such as time, date and location. Don’t forget also to include RSVP number.

Cookie Monster Monster Birthday Invitations

Monster Inc Monster Birthday Invitations Template

1st Monster Birthday Invitations

4th Monster Birthday Invitations

Full Color Monster Birthday Invitations

3rd Monster Birthday Invitations

Little Monster Birthday Invitations

Another ideas is creating your own monster birthday using Photoshop. Just create simple artwork, size 4″ x 6″. Browse through the internet, a background for your invitation and the monsters images. You can search and find what’s best for you and having same color accent. Download and save it to your computer, now load your images and place it on the front of your artwork. Design your invitation with the monster images, make sure you left some space for your kids’ photos in the front. Give the party details beside the photograph. Voila, You’re done!

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