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Monster Birthday Party Invitations Ideas

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The theme of monsters is a very good idea for a birthday party kids, Halloween or any other special event. Some of the popular TV monster, like Cookie Monster Sesame Street or Disney Monsters Inc monsters of your own or you can use to design an invitation. You send invitations to your guests will give you information about the party later. Make your own invitations will give a personal impression, prepare the materials that you will use before starting making invitations.
Start by printing pictures of monsters from the internet. A monster that you print will be used for your invitation. You can find some pictures of the monsters on the online site. If you have found a picture of the monster that you want, then cut the image with a black line to follow as closely as possible.
Put your picture in a piece of craft foam and foam to transfer the image to the craft, you can cut out using a pen. When finished, remove the cut-out and see if the line you have created a monster that has been drawn on the foam.

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Adorable monster birthday party invitations
When you are interested in, then cut the monster out of foam and glue googly eyes gets a facial. You can add other craft materials such as feathers to completion of your monsters. Do not forget to write the party information and print it out, then glue around the edges of the paper to attach the party information.

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