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Monsters inc Birthday Invitations Ideas

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It would be a fun idea for children‘s birthday using rekasa theme. Maybe is currently planning a party by using popular TV monster, or maybe if you are creative can create your own monster creature .Undangan that you send to the guests the first impression for your party. Create your own invitations with a unique impression.
To make the invitation rekasa, all you have to do is print the coloring page image rekasa that you can find on the internet. It will be rekasa that you will use later in your invitation. There are many sites you can visit online.
Creative Creation monsters inc birthday invitations


monsters inc 3th birthday invitation card


monsters inc birthday invitations address and anvelope


monsters inc birthday invitations for kid


monsters inc birthday invitations free printable
If you’ve got pictures you want to use, cut rekasa who follow a black line as closely as possible. This will give the impression of a neat and beautiful for your invitation. Then the image above layout craft foam and trace with a pen and then transfer the image onto craft foam. Then remove to check pakah line has been drawn in the foam. rekasa cut out of foam and glue googly eyes and glue other materials such as feathers. Do not forget to print your party information and attach your rear rekasa.

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