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Movie Birthday Party Invitations

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Are you looking for a diffirent birthday invitation? This idea might bring you to a totally distinctive color, especially if you are a big fan of movies. Nowadays, people are looking for something personal and specialized. In that case, you might be able to try one of movie themes for birthday invitation.

Colorful Movie Birthday Party Invitations Printable Movie Birthday Party Invitations Simple Movie Birthday Party Invitations

There are variety of designs related to it. The simplest one is to create movie ticket invitation. It is commonly a rectangle shape with the big movie party words in the middle. Under the words you can put the birthday person’s name along with the detailed information at the bottom. Don’t forget to write an invitation wording such as “you are invited” at the top side.

Another thing is by using a movie clapboard style. Divided the black board into three major section. Then write the birthday person’s name on the top line followed by the location information and the date, time, as well as RSVP contact at the bottom. The clapboard is common with a black color, so it will leave elegant and strong impression.

Hollywood Movie Birthday Party Invitations Blink Blue Movie Birthday Party Invitations

On the other hand, playing with color can be fun as well. Put some cinema articles such as popcorn and coke images to add the merry feeling. Choosing the right design can be intimidating sometimes. You can ask someone to design it or if it is possible make your own one. Alternatively, you can simply buy one on the internet. There are so many movie-related designs with different size. But remember it is your moment, so give your all to make it special.

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