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Movie Ticket Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Movie-themed party would be a good idea and fun for your kids all ages. Begin designing like a real theater, give the impression of a party as it looks real and Create invitations such as a real movie ticket. Use the information to fill the party ticket information and your guests will feel as if receiving a red carpet invitation. You can ask your child to help assist in making a personal invitation.

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movie ticket birthday invitations printable
The first step, determine how much invitation you’ll use. Maybe you already have the envelope, so you can adjust the size of the envelope. Then cut from card stock invitations that you decide the size, cut a notch in one side, so it will look like a real ticket.
Now, start to make the words creative and write the party information on the invitation ticket. You may be able to write the words “Admit One” ticket section on the side. In the top row, you can write or “A Tale of Aurel Birthday.” Use words that are more creative. At the bottom, you can write the movie premiere will take place and the details of the party, such as date, time, location and RSVP information.
Decorate the invitation with glitter, stickers or other embellishments. Let your kids involved in helping in this section. Invitation has been completed, and ready to be delivered to your guests.

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