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mustache birthday party invitations

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Your little man is having a birthday party, but you still don’t know how to do wih the invitations? Here we always have a great idea that probably match your style. For your loved child’s birthday, it is good to make a mustache invites. Therefore, you can present the cute invitations for your little prince. The theme has so many styles and combinations to be selected. You can make it either less colors or even full of colors. If you prefer something simple, you can choose a printable chalkboard mustache that has a black board background and a mustache drew from a white chalk. You can add some further details using the same chalk effect without bother about some additional ornaments.

On the other hand, if you want something sweeter, you can put a lot of colors and patterns in the template. Put a mustache image at the top center, then add some colorful sprinkles around it. You can pu the wording and some details below the image using a fancy font. Finally, adorn it with pink diagonal stripes at the top and bottom. Alternatively, you can put a full fram around the card. To make it merrier, put different pattern in each side. For example, you can place back and white wavy pattern border at the top, pink polka dot pattern in the middle, and sky blue diagonal stripes at the bottom. Don’ forget to put some details in a nice order and always add the RSVP info for a confirmation. You can also use fancy wording such as “mustache bash” to make it cuter.

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