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Owl 1st Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Wise bird! We want our child to be wise, right? Owl shows wisdom and you can show it for your 1st birthday invitation. The first year of life of a child’s calls for a birthday celebration. It’s not only cute but also smart. Owl shown wisdom, cuteness and smart. It’s one of the best way to express the joy that has been built up since his/her birth. Owl birthday party is perfect for both boy or girl baby.

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Now, you can browse owl birthday invitation ideas here. Before make sure that you’ve decide your party theme color, configure with the invitation color. You can create invitation that shown simple owl with your boy/girl photo with party details beside the photo. Describe using fun and simple wording for your 1st birthday ideas like :


“In the jungle, the quiet jungle,

The lion sleeps tonight … ”

But not us

On Saturday, September 12

At 2:00 p.m.

1212 Rose Lane

Join us as we echo Owl’s yell,

It’sDavid’s first birthday!

You can create your own wording ideas. Now, describe your birthday party details and RSVP number. You can send it to your guest list. Happy Birthday! 🙂

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