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Photo Birthday Invitations Ideas

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It’s a great time to celebrate birthday party. Everybody know that it’s a special event for people of all ages. There are so many ways to express your happiness, one example is creating your own photo birthday invitations. Creating a custom photo invitation is a fun way and an easy project to show off your best picture. Photo invitation are very easy to create that anyone can do. With photo birthday invitation, you can send personal message and closer relation instead of the standard store invitation.

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First thing, you should take your best photos. In this case, you can use DSLR camera, be natural, like a birthday girl or a boy that enjoying their favorite hobbies. Try to visualize your party theme if you can. Save the photos into your computer, and now using Photoshop (GIMP or another image processor program), remove some hassle or noise and adjust brightness and contrast. You can edit photos like what you want.

It’s time to add borders and background with the photo editing programs. You can browse any backgrounds that’s available in Google. Make sure you’re using free image to use. If you need to, you can buy images from some photo store like Photodune. After you’re done, it’s time to give your invitation with your party information like time, date and location.

When you’re finished, it’s time to add your personal message into the party invitation template. Print the test copy of your finished invitation on a plain paper. When you’re done, you can print your invitations and send it via mail.

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