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Picking invitations always be a fun activity for me. Whether it is for myself or for the other, I enjoy looking over and scrutinizing the designs in the cards. Even though it is hard to pinck only one from dozens of adorable printable templates. The most interesting is the one which has a photo in the template. It just seems to be more attractive in a way. A photo template can make the birthday person’s feel super special, especially for your kid. It is like another way to say I am so proud of you. It is good to be able to celebrate the big moment using adorable invites. Hence you could cherish the moment together with your family, relatives, fellows, as well as neighbors.

A photo invitation can be combined with many designs. You can independently use your imagination to create a creative creation. For the kids, it will look more exciting to have a playful theme which is a full of colors. Add some fancy ornaments such as baloons, stars, confetti, or present boxes images to enliven the template. You can be more creative with making a fancy shape and put the photo inside or adorn the picture with lovely circle flowers. This can make your photo stans out perfectly. Playing with fancy frames can be fun as well. Choose some different patterns and order it in a nice structuring. You can highlight the age and print it in a giant size side by side with the photo. Finally, don’t forget to put some party details clearly as well as the RSVP info.

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