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FREE PRintable pink birthday invitations

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Happy birthday there! Birthday is always exciting, especially if you are preparing for your little princess. My favorite part is to pick the invitations. It is always fun to choose invitations for little girls as it often has playful colors, cute design, and bunch of adorable ornaments. A girl’s invitation is usually dominated with pink. I came across with dozen of charming pink birthday invites in tinyprints. My favorite one is the confetti swirls which has a really sweet pink design. Basically, you need to place your cute birthday child’s photo in the card size. Then you need to enter the wording at the bottom center using a fancy style. But the most intersting thing is that there are pink confetti spreading around the edge.

Another attractive design is the fresh fancy: heather. The design is actually simple as it has less ornaments. It has a nice cream background with pink circle in the top center which you can use to write the age of your child. Then it has a sweet ribbon lining under the pink circle to the bottom. As for the wording can be placed on the bottom right. If you fancy some photos, you can choose the one which offers more than one photo. You can manage your child’s sweet photos in vertical order on the left and place the details on the other side. The other thing is the glittery fun one. It is a photo invitation which is adorned by glittery confetti. On the left, there is the big number which shimmering pink. Pink invites provide a charming and fresh impression that are not gonna bored to enjoy.

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