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Pirate Birthday Party Invitations Ideas for Him

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Perhaps you are planning a birthday party for your child’s pirate and being confused in choosing the right invitations to send to guests. You can give your child the opportunity to choose how the invitations will be made. You can create invitations together your child.

The pirate theme will certainly be in touch with Peter Pan, it will combine the stories of childhood by using this tem. Draw a pirate ship at the front of the invitation. For details and information the party, glue a small alligator picture with an open mouth in the small hours in the sea .Sisipkan crocodile’s mouth. Decorate with glitter for pixie dust impression.

Another idea about pirates is an invitation in the bottle. Use the parchment paper to draw a map of an imaginary island to your home on the map. The top of the map, use pirate language such as, “! Ahoy mate Miles calls all the Buccaneers to the ship for booty, food and fun.” . To give the impression of old on your invitation, wet paper and burn them and poured some coffee or tea.

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Allow to dry and roll map invitation. Tie a length of ribbon and stick there at the invitation of a small bottle and add a little sand to mimic pesn in the bottle. Hang the ribbon to the side so guests can remove them from the bottle that you send.

Greet your guests with pirate decor that will take them as the real world of pirates 😀

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