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FREE Printable Polka dot Birthday Invitations

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Are you preparing for your child birthday party? There are so many ideas that you can apply to the party scheme. However if you want something nice but don’t want to lose the excitement as well, you can consider using polka dotted theme for your party. One the most important thing is to ask your family and fellows to come, using nice charming invitations. This can be condected by using polka dotted theme to make your invitations even more special.

Polka dots have been a popular pattern that can be combined with various designs. You can both order a personalized design that will save much of your time or making your own design which will be much more fun. It is fascinating to have colorful design for the kids. You can make colorful polka dots pattern at the upper part and combine it colorful diagonal lines for the bottom. Then use fancy font to write the birthday child’s name along with the details. You can also use falling confetti effect to enliven the cards. For this, you can select plain background to highlight the effect.

Alternatively, put your child’s photo to in a giant sphere and make the effect seems real.

There are so many things you can do with polka dots. Playing with some patterned background or frame can be fun as well. You can always add some ornaments to make the invitations merrier. However, don’t forget to leave sufficient space for the wording and make the detail information clear to the guest.

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