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Race Car Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Making birthday invitations will be an amazing race-themed party to recognize the love of one’s birthday event. You can make a card that was made in a short time. In addition you can also save money and just buy the card stock, stamps and envelopes at a party supply store. The theme this invitation is perfect for all fans ages, male and female.

You can get the logo of the United States by visiting the Wikipedia page by right-clicking the image you want. Save the picture on your computer. Then open it again to your saved image and choose “edit”. In your editing program, resize the logo according to the invitation you want to create.
Then print the logo image you have edited using brown card stock or white m will be used for the front of the invitation. Use a black marker to write the party details. Do not forget to fill your child’s name, time and location of the party and RSVP information.


Boys race car birthday invitations


race car 2nd birthday invitations


race car 4th birthday invitations


race car birthday invitations printable


race car birthday invitations with photo


race car birthday invitations wording
Use a black permanent marker to write on the inside of the card. At the top of the invitation, write the following words in the form of a list down the left side of the card Challenges, Goals, Time and Roadblock.

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