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Rainbow Birthday Invitations Ideas

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It’s your daughter party, and both of you have decided to celebrate the party with Rainbow themed-party. There are many ways to generate party excitement, it start with the beautiful rainbow invitation. You can buy pre-made Rainbow birthday invitation ideas in your near party store, but you can create your own rainbow birthday invitation. It’s a great way for your child to get involved in the invitation process. It can be fun and improve their creativity. Please also remember that ,create your own rainbow birthday invitation can save your money too.

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Now, let’s get started. First , make sure that you’re able to operate computer software like Photoshop and Coreldraw. Browse some rainbow images from the internet. Save your desired image. After you found the image, now Open the image in Photoshop, create a blank invitation card sized 4″ x 6″. Now you can insert your rainbow image. Next, just put your daughter photo in the right or left space. Make sure you left some space for your kids’ birthday details. Write the headline clearly, such as “Maria is turning 6”, “You’re Invited”, below the headline, write down your party details such as time, date and location. You can also include the RSVP number.

You can place some cloud below the invitation. Now, print it with regular paper, if you feel that it’s perfect, now you can print it with stock invitation card. Your Rainbow invitation is ready to send.You can also create some 3D effect with your cloud with gluing cotton ball amongst the rainbow.

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