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Rose Gold Geometric Invitation Templates – Editable .Docx

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Glitter, gold, and glamor galore! This following invitation card design is for all those brides who love sparkles and minimal design to their big day. From rose gold Geometric Pattern or you can call that as text Frame as well, to delice Flowers underneath that, I’d easily give these 9 out of 10.

Good design will not only give you a little confidence, but also it can give you a little bit of satisfaction that you won’t ever have if you hand it to someone, like party planner. By using these templates, you can maintain your budget, so it still reasonable for some reason.

By the way, all of these stuffs in this templates are editable. Yup, it’s editable with Microsoft Word. For instance, you can put your own “decorations”, such as Flowers paintings/graphics to it. So, despite it comes in six different design, you can have your own style to them.



Rose Gold Geometric Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has portrait orientation


Rose Gold Geometric Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has watercolor floral


Rose Gold Geometric Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has gorgeous eucalyptus


Rose Gold Geometric Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has blush pink and white roses


Rose Gold Geometric Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has greenery eucalyptus



Download Instructions

  1. Please note that we don’t charge any amount to you, all of them are free (Free for personal use).
  2. First thing first, you have to click the download button, it was placed in above, soon after you clicked that – you will be directed to Google Drive page.
  3. Then click Download > Save.

What should I do next?

There are several of others stuff that you need to do, but in general, you only need to do these following steps:

  • Editing & Printing:
    • Unpack the file first and install all provided fonts.
    • Edit and insert your text/party information with Microsoft Word 2007 or above. Don’t forget to save every time you do some changes.
    • For printing, it depends on your decision, whether to take it all by yourself or pay some services at Local printing shop/depot.
    • If you decided to get some services from printing depot, if I’m not mistaken, it can cost around $1-$3/piece. But in exchange, you will get much better result for that.
    • Print the template on 5×7 card-stock paper (80-110lbs).

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