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Rustic Botanical Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

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For today’s article, we’re going to talk about my recent designs, which is perfect to utilize it for your future or upcoming special event. These following designs were made as samples. The idea of our sample is to show you how it will look like, and the quality of each images/decorations. Okay, let’s start today’s article, by looking at these ones.

Today will be the perfect day to us, to learn and craft our own invitation card, and this Rustic Botanical will cover your back. 6 beautiful invitation card templates; Canvas style background, and each templates have gorgeous Botanical graphics or painting, what’s that? So, it means, in each templates, you will get beautiful Botanical Flowers in Watercolor style and it will be placed right above your wording section and some of them also had it in different placement.




We’ve been providing many and many template designs, from Baby Shower Party to Wedding events, all of them are free (For personal use). Aside from that, you also got a handy feature which makes our template design is completely the best, yup, our template comes in Docx version, so it’s editable with Microsoft Word.








Okay, what’s the first thing you need to do?

You need to download the template. All files and materials have been archived into single Rar file and stored in our Google Drive account, to access that, you need to click the download link above this instruction. So, Click the download link – Wait – Click download – Save.

What’s next?
  • Unpack the file (with Rar file opener) – Open the Fonts folder – Install every single fonts.
  • Edit and insert all your party information into the template you’d like to use with Microsoft Word 2007 or above. I’d suggest you to use the 2019 version, as it’s packed with bunch of useful tools, such as Selection Pane, Gradient tools and so forth.
  • Print it (Template) on 5×7 Cardstock paper. Actually, you don’t have to exactly use this type of paper, but if you want the best result you can get, this paper will provide everything you need and still has reasonable price, for sure.

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