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Silver Age 25th Birthday Invitations

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The 25th anniversary is considered to be a silver celebration for one’s life. As reaching this age, you probably want it to be extra special hence inviting your loved ones. As for the invitations, the 25 year old girls tend to choose the one with elegant and glamour design. While the boys want it to be more masculine as well as elegant at the same time.

25th Birthday Ideas: 25 Ways To Celebrate Turning 25, Fun Party Ideas 25th Birthday Invitation - Adult Birthday Party Invitation ... Purple and Green / Birthday \

There are so many 25th personalized design that you can find online. However picking the best one is quite confusing. For me, I love the one which has silver diamonds white theme. It just look elegant and glamour but not very crowded. Another thing is to put a cocktail glass image in the center. I think as we grow more mature, the glass image would deliver the idea well. This image can be used for males as well but with less pattern. To add the glamour feeling, I also like to put a pair of sparkling high heels. I can feel the cheer and excitement in that way. I always love these fancy articles such as a present box image with ribbon, bag and shoes, a bottle image, and so on.

You can also make a photo invitation as well. Don’t feel guilty to put your face in this very age. You can make it as if a cover magazine picture. Then put the detailed info from top to the bottom. You can add some fancy wording about turning 25 such as “let’s jive and spread the cheer”, “eat, drink, and party” or “singing, dancing, and partying”.

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