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Sleepover Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Sleepover party will usually stretched over two days so you will need a second date and the start and end of the party. Invitations that you send should inform guests about the needs they have to carry. Make it a party invitation to stay in your house so that guests know what to expect at your party later. Make your own invitations on your computer using a data processing device.
Begin to open the document word processing software and set the page size to your liking for a party invitation to stay in your home. Many options invitation size you can make, such as 4 inches by 6 inches and 5 inches by 7 inches.

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Write an opening sentence sleepover party invitations, you use the text should include the name and type of stay in your home. Also throw in a complete event location, start and end time to stay at home. If you want your guests to bring a pillow, sleeping office, do not forget to write in the invitation information.
Print the invitation on colored card stock to the size you have selected. Then decorate invitations to give two holes at the top of the invitation with colorful ribbons.

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