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Sleepover Birthday Party Invitations

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Sleepover party would make a fun birthday party. This party will usually runs for 2 days, so you need to specify the start and end date for the event. You also need to inform guests about what they have to carry. Make an invitation to a party theme, so your guests know what to expect for your party. Not difficult to make your own invitations, use your computer at home using word processing software.

Start by opening a new document in the word processor. Set the page size in accordance with the desire for a slumber party. Usually the size of the invitation 4 inches by 6 inches. You are free to arrange invitations portrait or landscape.


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Pink sleepover birthday party invitations


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sleepover party invitation free printable


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Now, write an opening sentence for a party invitation to stay at your house. Text that you make must include your child’s name and the type of slumber party. For example, you would hold a sleepover party, you could use the word “Join us for the 13th Birthday Party Sleepover Aurel!” . Write also the location information, giving the start and end time and date.
Do not forget to include important details to your party. Maybe you will need them remedy bring a sleeping bag and pillow. And if your party includes a swimming pool, remind them to bring a swimsuit and towel. Make a list of items that you think guests might need during a party.
Print the invitation on a piece of colored card stock and garnished sleepover party invitations. You can put tape on the top two holes invitation or create a line of glue along the invitations and sprinkle with glitter on the glue.

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