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Snoopy Birthday Invitations Ideas

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When you are planning a birthday party invitation Snoopy, it would be greatly appreciated if you make your own invitations. You can use a character loved by your children, you also can use a line or make your own for use on the invitation card. Of course, your guests will smile at the little dogs are popular in the world.

Begin by printing images of Snoopy coloring book or you can also get from the internet and print them. You can also draw a dog alone with the help of your child. Make a big head shots to use only the dog’s head to your invitation.

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Then, glue a picture of Snoopy on top of the card stock. Cut the excess with a dog’s head card. Decorate the front of the invitation by stamping the image of Snoopy. You can use a combination of yellow cards, blue, pink and green for stamps. Do not forget to write the party information clearly, so that guests remember your party right. Write down the date, time, location of the party and RSVP information.
Finally, attach the small yellow or green ribbon using a pin. Mail your invitation and give to your guests 😀

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