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Spa Birthday Party Invitations Ideas

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Invite friends and family members for a day of relaxation and pampering at unforgettable. You can schedule a spa party to celebrate the fun or for a bridal gift. A spa party spa you can do at home to hold and can involve selling spa products. You can also create your own recipes sap before or during the party. Make your own spa invitation to create a unique and fun invitations.

Use a piece of card stock, you can use the green color of the sea, beach sand color blue or white light. Then form a shape resembling a way to cut with scissors. Make each of two masks for each invitation. Then take two paper masks and holes in the left side of the mask rehabilitated and reconstructed pieces of paper. Thread on one end of the ribbon through both holes. Tie on the back cover.

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Holes in the mask under the right side and slide the ribbon through the holes made until pokes out the back. Tie a knot to secure your ribbon. Decorate the front of the invitation by using paper spots and use a soothing palette to two or three colors. Do not forget to write your spa party details inside the invitation, such as time, date, location and RSVP information by phone or email.

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