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Spanish Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Birthday invitations will you send it to everyone you want to invite to the party. Of course you can send invitations to casual and formal style templates to enable guests will plan themselves to come to your party event. Write an invitation to use the Spanish language would be a great thing for your guests who can not speak English. There are lots of birthday party invitations Spanish, but you can make yourself at home.

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Start a birthday party invitation by writing on the top left side. To show that you are a birthday party, you can use the words, nombre del cumpleanero (cumpleanera for women) and then write your child’s name next to them. then write beside the name of your child, that person in the invitation will celebrate the occasion. In Spanish, you can write the word “said te invita su fiesta de cumpleanos que se celebrara el dia” and wrote on the left with the celebration of your party, such as Saturday or Sunday.
Do not forget to write your party information on the date of the party, write the month (mes) and time (hora). Below are writing where (lugar) birthday party will be held. You can add optional information, such as whether the children should be brought to the party and clothing should be worn. Write on the left side of the bottom of the invitation.

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