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Spongebob Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Spongebob themed birthday party is very good for kids of all ages. Spongebob is a large TV pickles are very popular and liked by boys and girls. To save your money, you can make your own birthday party invitations unique. Not too complicated for producing, you only need a few supplies for decorating and make a party invitation. Below are steps that are very easy to make Spongebobo themed party invitations.

Use an index card to which you need to send an invitation to prospective guests. It will be used as background for writing the invitation. You can choose your own color index card that you will use as you wish.
Write the date, time and place you will have a party Spongebob. To create a unique invitation, use a label with the Krusty Krab as on the film.


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Attach an index card down the side of the sponge to the yellow pineapple and press the card until the glue enar really stick and let it dry. Your invitation is now ready for distribution.

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