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Summer Party Invitation Templates – Editable .Docx

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What are some latest summer party themes?

If I could count it, there would be hundreds or more themes that can be used for your upcoming party. Let’s say, you’re looking for something “organic” and has “colorful” concept, then you could pick “Chase the Sun” party as your concept and serves fresh Pineapple juice or cocktail for your guests. It sounds promising, isn’t it? If you’re in love with these concept, then you also need to see this following items, because your party won’t complete without a “formal” invitation.

Here’s a few of examples that can be used as your next Summer party invitation card. This ones looks so vibrant, and exotic, you can tell that through its design, especially the background. What’s in the background? There will be many of Exotic Green Leaves surrounding your wording information. I believe that fresh and nature color of those Leaves has an effect on people’s moods and can make you feel clean and fresh, or alive.


By using our template, you will not only cut the long process of sketching and designing the invitation card, it can be used to maintain the budget production as low as possible. There is one more thing that you need to note, our template comes in Docx file, it means if you already had installed Microsoft Word in your PC or laptop, you can start the editing process by now.


Summer Party Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has portrait orientation


Summer Party Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has gold text frame


Summer Party Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has


Summer Party Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has Tropical Green Leaves


Summer Party Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has Gold Glitter Flamingo


Summer Party Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has


Download Information

  • Click the download button (Above).
  • It will open Google-Drive’s download page.
  • Then, click download or the drop-down arrow.
  • Tap Enter on your keyboard to start the download process.

What’s next?

  • Unpack/unarchive the Rar file, then open the Fonts folder and install all provided fonts in there.
  • Once you done with it, now you can begin the editing process.
  • Print the template on 5×7 Card-stock paper, it’d be better if you buy the matte finish one, as the result will get better than using the glossy type of finishes.
  • Now hand it to your guest, and don’t forget to see they reactions.

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