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Superhero Birthday Party Invitations

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Most kids love superheroes, Batman, Superman, Ben 10, you name it, and a superhero party theme may be just the thing to make their party great and give a huge hit. The invitations is the most important thing to give first impression to the guests about your theme party. While you can buy plenty of invitations with a superhero theme, you can buy Batman theme, Lego birthday theme, Captain America invitations theme. It can be a funny way to create your own superhero birthday party invitations. We attach some example for you where you can download it .

Buy a stock card for invitation, it can be 5-inch card. You can buy blank card or pre-built superhero invitations. Using a computer, open design graphic program like Photoshop or GIMP. Create a new document that matches the dimensions of the blank invitations. Now, browse through the internet, and find a perfect image representing your party theme. You can also use the superhero symbol like Superman S, Captain America “Star”, or another iconic images like Wolverine claw marks, Spiderman web or anything else.

Justice League Superhero Birthday Party Invitations

Spiderman 2 Superhero Birthday Party Invitations

Spiderman Superhero Birthday Party Invitations

Superhero Birthday Party Invitations Ideas

Superman Superhero Birthday Party Invitations

Import your image to your graphic task, position it on the front of your invitation. You can use it freely and use your imagination to design it. Make sure that you’re give enough space for your words. Now, you can add words to the front of the invitation. It can be short and straightforward or you can use some superhero poem. Make sure that your invitation’s font and color matched with your party theme. Black for Batman, Red, White Blue for Captain America, Yellow and Black for Wolverine or Red and Blue for Spiderman.

In the invitation details, don’t forget to give complete information about the party like time, date and location. If you want an RSVP, make sure that you’re include your phone number or email address. When your invitation is done, print it with blank paper for a test, and do a mass-print with your blank stock card.

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