Superman Birthday Invitations Ideas


Superman has captured the imagination of the whole world for almost a century. The character first appeared in 1938, in Action comics Superman and until now has been a popular choice for birthday theme. Making superman invitation should capture the feel of the superheroic. Create invitations Superman fun and interesting, here are some ideas that you can try.

Daily Planet Invitation
The theme this invitation looks like the daily edition of Metropolis, The Daily Planet. For a birthday party, you can put the person’s name in the title as a tribute. You can write for example “Brad’s Birthday Saved as Superman Drops By.” Add details of the party and the guest’s name mentioned on the outside of the invitation.

Superman Symbol Invitation
This idea uses the Superman symbol, of all people recognize the iconic symbol of Superman. Make a simple invitation with Superman chest pads and symbols to tell guests to expect a lively and fun superhero. Use a knife to make pizazz and cut the yellow symbol. Use plastic glue on the back panel for translucent invitation.

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Comic Book Invitation
Model invitation invitation will make you become look like a Superman comic book made ​​famous. You can emulate the style of Action comics Superman comics when he first appeared. Use Photoshop or another image editing program to set the guest’s name.

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