Surprise Birthday Invitations Ideas

A surprising birthday party can be awesome and will be remind as unforgettable moment for the celebrant. Most of the time, someone always slips up and leaks the plans to celebrant. To keep it secret and will become surprising, you should keep the information and make it harder to guess. Today we will give you some birthday ideas to surprise the celebrant.

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The Puzzle Invitation
It’s quite complicated, but it will become the best surprise birthday party for the celebrant. First, count the number of guests who will be attending the party. You can start creating unique puzzle invitation in the back of invitation which it’ll form into a big picture when put together. It could be the guest of honor’s picture, happy birthday word, special place or any images that show the celebrant personality. When guests arrive into the party let them put the invitation pieces on the wall or table until it’s almost complete. Last, just ask the celebrant to put the last piece of the surprising wall. That will be great party.

Drama Conflict
This is the hardest surprise party to do. You must act as an actor and actress. Create some problem in your class or your work. Make sure that the celebrant are including, you can start acting like you’ve problem with him/her. You must become great director to make it works like a charm. When your “victim” is crying or feeling desperate, then, surprise! You just need to sing Happy Birthday and give the celebrant best birthday party ever.

Raffle Ticket Invitation
Get all the guests together and collect money to purchase the celebrant’s gift item like ticket or anything that she/he loved. Just make sure that the celebrant’s is the winner. To make it more realistic, you can create small gift to another guests that can be won by anyone.Print out the ticket for the invitations and organize the raffle drawing in your birthday site.

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