surprise birthday party invitation wording

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Preparing a surprise party for someone can be really interesting. It can be a way to cherish someone as you want to make her special moment never be forgotten. Make a wonderful memory with people you love and share the happiness through a surprise blast. Remember you have to remind the guest to keep it secret. Here we have some surprise birthday wording to make your plan 100% succeed.

“Someone nifty is turning thirty. Join us for an exciting surprise party for Nella’s 30th birthday. Keep the date and place save and the secret.”

“Ssshhtt.. It’s a surprise party. Let’s get down to celebrate Neil’s 25th birthday. It’s sure to involve a lot of fun and delight.”

“Look who’s turning the big 3-0 right now! Let’s surprise Anna’s 30th birthday with a terrific bash.”

“Anna is about to turn 30. Let’s celebrate her new life with a wonderful evening togeher. But keep it hush, hush.. It’s a secret.”

“A cake is ready with the candles to be blowed. But don’t tell the birthday girl and make her blush with a surprise. Join us to celebrate Lina’s 30th birthday as there are lots to be fun.”

“Join us for a surprise party as Anna’s turning 30. But don’t blow it, she doesn’t know anything.”

“There will be dinner and dancing in Sally’s 30th birthday. But keep it under wraps because it’s going to be a surprise.”

“Our lovely friend Sarah is finally turning 25 and fabulous. We want you to come and be part of the show. But keep it secret as it’s going to be a big surprise for her.”

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