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Surprise Birthday Party Invitations Wording Ideas

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If you’re planning to create surprise birthday party, there are so many ways to spread out the word, but keep the secret. Keeping the surprise from your guest of honor is the most important when planning and executing the festivities.I conclude some wording ideas for you who want to word a surprise birthday party. First of all, sometimes, the direct approach works best. Some phrases like “It’s a surprise” or “Ssssshhhhh” on your invitation works best to tip off the guests.

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You can keep it safe and secret by using clever verses or poem. You can copy some clever poem or get ideas by going online and search the internet about the wording. Just remember that your invitation should include a time of arrival, so you and the guests can anticipated the entrance of the honoree and celebrate the surprise party. Make sure that you’re including your party theme like date, time and place and also RSVP number for your invitation. Here are some examples of surprise birthday party wording ideas :

Anthony has finally
hit the big
Let’s surprise him with
gag gifts, food and fun
Tuesday, March 18th
6:30 p.m. SHARP!
727 maple Lane
Grand Rapids
Laurie Reynolds

Shhh!! Remember, it’s a
SURPRISE! Rsvp by February 10th
(444) 333-9999

Keep it under wraps!

We’re going to surprise
Jeverie Nathalie
on her fortieth birthday
with a night of dinner & dancing
Saturday, September 12th at 7:00 pm
The Zaza Inn
4231 Leonard Street
Dallas, Texas

Don’t tell!
RSVP to her sister
Monica 555.666.7777

It’s Kho Lim’s birthday and here’s the deal
We’re throwing a party, so please don’t squeal
We’re putting up streamers and stringing some lights
Get ready because we’ll be partying all night

Kho Lim’s Surprise 25th Birthday Party
Saturday, October 22th
7:30 – midnight
San Chung’s House
776 McKin Avenue

RSVP to Chung – 555-8765
Don’t tell Kho Lim!

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