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Survivor Birthday Party Invitations Ideas

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Your challenge is to create the ultimate “survivor” for party invitations. Invitations will determines the mood and tell guests about how your party later. Inform guests on RSVP, their tribe and other tribes to keep the team. Plan invitation “Survivor” to encourage imagination and your creativity.

Specify the date and location for a “Survivor” you. You can choose Gated close to nature, such as your backyard or garden. Tell your guests to wear camouflage clothing or clothing Hawaii.
Then choose a slogan for your party invitations, the slogan “Survivor” as “superior, outlast, outwit”. Or you can also use your own words for party invitation. Begin to sketch the design of the invitation, you can see the inspiration invitation on the internet or magazines. Choose the color of decoration such as palm trees, torch or a tropical scene.

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survivor theme birthday party invitations ideas
Use paper stock to print your invitations, choose the card stock or special paper that you will use for the invitation. Make invitations on your computer and select the font to match the “Survivor” party. You can use a graphic palm tree or an island to be put into law.
Do not forget to write the party details inside the invitation, such as date, time, location of the party and RSVP information. Happy birthday 😀

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