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Sweet 16 Birthday Invitations Ideas Templates

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Happy 16th birthday! Happy Sweet 16. It’s one of the most party for your girl phase to a mature lady. Designing Sweet 16 Birthday Invitations Templates with your young lady will save the money and spend quality time together. Let your beauty lady help you design the invitations. Younger means interesting and creative ideas. Let them create an invitation template that shown their personality. Using a templates gives a solid beginning on which you can add customizing elements.

Pink Sweet 16  Birthday Invitations Templates

Diamond Sweet 16  Birthday Invitations Templates

Simple Sweet 16  Birthday Invitations Templates

Leopard Sweet 16  Birthday Invitations Templates

Black and White Sweet 16  Birthday Invitations Templates

Open a image processor program like Photoshop or Corel. Create a cardstock size template (5-inch x 7-inch) . Now, first, you should decide your color schemes, font types and colors to make your sweet 16 party invitations. You can add some images that fit with your party theme. Such as , flower, love sign , diamond crown, glitter and any girls accessories. Now after that, you can use some verse for your invitations template wording. If you’re using Royal Kingdom theme, a Royal invitation Wording will be very suitable, like :

An enchanted moment that is the scene, our princess Candice is sweet sixteen!
The magnificent day is here at last, dinner & dancing, a dynamic blast!

You are cordially invited
to this joyous occasion for
Candice Marie Benchaw
on Saturday, November 12th
at 7 o’clock in the evening
Troy’s Lounge
158 Los Angeles Street
Newark, New Jersey

RSVP by December 22th
to Nancy at (701) 345-6789

Don’t forget to include your details, like time, date and location. Now, you’re ready to send your invitations. Happy 16th birthday! 😀

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