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The Wild Birthday party invitation ideas

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“The Wild” is one of the Disney adventure movie which was introduced in 2006 Directed by Steve “Spaz” Williams. If your child loves one character the movie “The Wild”, you can give a surprise on her birthday with a birthday party “The Wild” themed. Enter “The Wild” into all aspects, such as invitations, your guests will be very respectful when they get an invitation made by the host.
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The  Wild first Birthday party invitation ideas

To make the invitation of “The Wild”, you can easily get for free party invitations online. If you want to invitations, we can help you to design an invitation for your child.
However, if you want a unique and personalized invitations, make your own invitations at home and give your creative ideas on the invitation. You just buy the card stock in a party supply store for materials make invitations.
First start by getting a picture or coloring page of “The Wild”, you can get a picture from a magazine or get on the internet. Then cut a neat picture following the line of the image, it will be used as the front of your invitation. If you still have plenty of room in the front, you can add a photo of your child to get a more personal impression.
Then, Fold the card stock in half, and glue a picture on one side of the card stock. Write the words for an invitation to the invitation, such as “The king of the wild thing, Andrew is turning two”. Then, write down all the details of your party, such as date, time, location of the party as well as RSVP information.
Enter your invitation into the envelope, and send it directly to your living hand to hand to save. Happy birthday 😀

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