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Top 12 First Birthday Party Ideas for 2020

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Every parent wants their child’s birthday to be special, that’s why organizing a child’s birthday party could be a daunting task to handle! We all know that! Luckily, 2020 promising us with many sensational stuff! Even from the moment – when the famous 24k celeb Kylie Jenner threw her daughter Stormi a fabulous first birthday party, with dazzling rainbow décor and on-theme catering, we knew that 2020 is bound to be a year of birthday bliss.

Get ready for 2020’s line up of birthday parties for your lovely babies or kids with our guide to the most popular kids’ party ideas and you know what it is – it’s free folks!. From a birthday blast featuring the iconic nautical concept to the haunting birthday party for kids and teens.  Both you and your guests will go crazy, these amazing ideas are sure to make the baby’s milestone becomes one of their unforgettable moment ever!.

Here they are, a complete guide for your upcoming party that can help you to minimize the party expense. Let’s take a look at these following list of

“Top 12 1st Birthday Party Ideas that are setting the Trends for 2020”,


1. Nautical Birthday Party Kits

Free Printable Nautical Templates With Birthday Party Hat and Cupcake TopperLooking for some nautical birthday ideas? And if your kids really love spinach and anchor logo like the one that Popeye the Sailorman used to – then this nautical birthday party is the Olive to your Oil, party peeps! Ahoy! We have a complete kits for your baby’s upcoming birthday party.

From Nautical Party Hat templates – to – the charming sailor-inspired invitation cards. All of them comes with lovely Navy-Blue colors, including the boat, wave as well as the iconic Nautical Anchor graphics.

Lucky you – lucky me, all of them are completely free! Wo-hoo. Go check them all at our page and you can find our “download instruction” on there.


2. Outer-Space Birthday Party Kits

Free Printable Outer Space Party Templates With Solar System Background and Party HatPrepare for the shock – activate the landing modular – our Space shuttle is ready to rock and this Outer Space Birthday Party is beyond spectacular!

This one is great for your little boy who wants to be an astronauts and how he get excited when hearing and binge-watching science-fiction and alien movies.

Our Outer Space party supplies really are out of this world. Not only does this theme work great for younger kids with big imaginations – it’s also fantastic for a 1st birthday party.

Some of our favorite designs include the Birthday Party Hat, Cupcake Topper and stunning Outer Space invitation cards. Download our birthday kits and Transform your home into Space Headquarter!.


3. Mighty Power Ranger Birthday

Free Printable Power Ranger Invitation Templates With Steel Background and Red RangerNow this party is going to make you and your guests crack a smile. Up next, a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Isn’t this fun?! Oh come on. Everyone will be falling in love with these concept, especially for me – i love the Red Ranger! Such a cool hero!.

“Go, Go Power Rangers!” and pretending to be one of the cool teen superheroes. Can you imagine how cool is that? You can use our Power Ranger-inspired template for your invitation card design for free, rangers!

Our template comes in such High-Quality images and compatible format. So you can freely do customization without having worries about the final template getting blurry and not compatible with your editing software.


4. Minecraft Birthday Party Kits

Free Printable Minecraft Templates With Pixel Background and Bottle LabelsDoes your son loves the square-shaped head and 3d-pixilated world of Minecraft? If so, invite his gang to mine, build and survive in a special Minecraft birthday party at your home sweet home buddies!

We’ve mined good materials for you guys! From pixelated border in the invitation cards design – to – the adorable Cupcake Topper and Birthday Party Hat to liven up your table decor.

Your guests will be captivated with your TNT Cake and another minecraft stuffs, such as Balloons, Bunting banners, and games! Anyway, this template designs is printable – so you can do it at your home and using your own printer device guys!


5. Flannel And Gifts Birthday

Free Printable Flannel and Gifts Invitation Templates With Landscape BackgroundA bright color palette of white background paired with a very specific patterns of red, black and white would be a perfect choice to have them as your invitation card design pals!

They also comes in six different shape and color options, instead of the usual superheroes themed card, you can invite all your guests, especially your child’s friends to come at your one-of-a-kind party and ask them to wear a warm flannel shirt!

If you are wondering on “how to download” the template, click our provided link guys! In above each templates and the Flannel & Gift page will appear – now you can download them.


6. BOSS Baby

Free Printable Boss Baby Invitation Templates With Portrait and BalloonsAt first, many people were like, Boss Baby? Is that a movie? How good is that? Well, it’s kinda sad – who cares, right? Yeah – do what you love folks! Especially for your little baby – in which fully under covered as a cute baby

Can’t wait to have them? Wait! This complete suit and briefcase graphics are free – so you don’t have to worry about it. Meanwhile, I initially designed the invitation card based on the series itself and little hints of colorful stripes to fill the background layer.

Anyway, if you can’t be eager to wait – click the title and you can find the download instruction which is written at the end of the page.


7. The Grinch Birthday Party Kits

Free Printable The Grinch Birthday Kits Templates With Dr. Seuss and Birthday Party HatAlthough the Christmas day’s already passed, the joyful vibe and delightful long-holiday will stay remark and still lingering around our minds right? Yeah! When it comes to Christmas party, you can’t leave The Grinch behind your back!.

If your child’s birthday happens near Christmas and/or they’re a big fan of Dr. Seuss, you can consider for throwing a big WHOBILATION with hints of this timeless tale!.

Get some green-goodies from the grocery store, and set up your party with our birthday party kits folks!

You’ll get everything you need for your special Grinch party, including the iconic Birthday Party Hat, Cupcake Topper and even your invitation card will captivate your guests with their stunning graphics.


8. Five Night At Freddy’s Party Kits

Free Printable Five Nights at Freddys Invitation Templates With Landscape and Cute BonieIt may not a perfect time for hosting a Halloween party, right? But who cares dudes! If you really wanted to set a haunting Five Night at Freddie’s, this one is for you folks!

We’ve designed awesome birthday kits for you and it’s free! All of them comes with fabulous custom printable and colorful party elements. For example, the Birthday Party Hats – Freddie, Bonnie, Chicka and Foxy will be there for you, and they will be surrounded by colorful stars and dots.

How awesome is that? As I have mentioned it in above, this template is printable – so you can print them using your printer at home and fold them all into each shapes! This birthday celebration is one “SPOOK-TACULAR” event!


9. LEGO Star Wars Birthday Party Kits

Free Printable Lego Star War Birthday Party Kits Templates With Cupcake Topper and Bottle LabelsWith the recent release of Star War series, many peoples started hosting a fabulous Star Wars party for their kid. Nailed your party down using our awesome birthday party kits! .

We puts a complete sets of star wars figures such as, Darth Vader, Obi Wan, Princess Leia, Yoda and as well as the famous BB-8 Robot to lure your guests to come at your fabulous Star Wars party!.

In addition to the details, we also made a cool Star Wars invitation cards, it comes with dark-space colored background, the iconic Star Wars logo as well as a designated box for you to put the party details. Write down every details guys!.


10. ROBLOX Birthday Party Kits Template

Free Printable Roblox Birthday Party Kits Templates With Black & Yellow BackgroundAre you looking for something different for your kid’s birthday party? How about this roblox party?. We have designed them with so much effort and you can see that on our template design. From Black-yellow Invitation cards – to – Cute Roblox and his gang in your Birthday Party Hat. Besides that, they comes in 5×7 inch format, but you can still personalize our template and it’s free peeps! None of our template will disappoint you! Go check them all by clicking our provided link (Above the image).

11. Template Mint Baby Shower

Free Printable Template Mint Baby Shower Templates With White Background and PortraitIf you love the idea of a simple party decoration, with such calm vibe, dusty colors and gorgeous Hot Air Balloons, this party could be a perfect way to realize your imagination guys!.

This one-of-kind design will encourage many guests to attend your special event! Really? That’s true peeps! I will never disappoint you at all though! Because this templates offers beautiful looking display, bunting banners as well as unique Hot Air Balloons graphics with a perfect touch of dash-lines will captivate everyone’s heart for sure!.


12. Mario Kart Invitation For Boys’ Birthday

Free Printable Mario and Luigi Kart Invitation Templates With Colorful background and LandscapePick your character and speed on in this Mario Kart Birthday Party!

Ahoy! What a fabulously fun party! Everyone will be absolutely falling in love with the awesome Mario Kart world. No one can resist their charming! From birthday party to the sacred baby shower party, Mario Kart will always provide you with a fun theme and great adventures!.

These fun templates are free for you guys! We’ve made this design a while ago, but this design could last forever, likely the timeless Mario Bros! So – go check out our page and download our template!.


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