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Toy Story Birthday Invitations Ideas

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It’s nothing better than Toy Story party for your children. This is where the toys come alive, starred by space traveler Buzz Lightyear and Woody the cowboy. If you’re planning to celebrate your kids’ birthday party using Tory Story party theme, then you should get invitation that fit with your party theme too. You can include some elements that relate to characters or situation in the movie. You can focus on one particular character, like space-theme featuring Buzz Lightyear or a Cowboy Oldwest theme, featuring Woody, you can also featured all the gang.

Take a photo of the birthday child surrounded by his favorite character, you can browse in the internet and save it in your computer. Use image processor program like photoshop, and place the photo and character in front of invitation. Write the party details inside, including time, date and location of your party. If you decide to use Buzz-themed party, you can use his tagline, like “To infinity and beyond!”. You can use some simple wording like, “I’d like to invite you with Buzz and woody in our party. The space ranger time is 7.00 pm”.

Toy Story Birthday Invitations templates

All the gang Toy Story Birthday Invitations

1st Toy Story Birthday Invitations

2nd Toy Story Birthday Invitations

Oldwest Woody Toy Story Birthday Invitations

That’s it, you’re ready to make the toy come alive and spend time together. Happy birthday!

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