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Transformers Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Perhaps your son really liked the action movie “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen” and has many Transformers toy collection at home. You can plan a party Transformer with filling some games and provide some food and drinks to help children fill their energy again. Of course, they will be very happy to receive an invitation Transformer party and have a fun toy to show that they will attend.

Before you start making invitations, protect your desk with a cover so that you do not clean up the rest of the adhesive that sticks in your table when it has completed the Transformer party invitations.
Start by folding a piece of paper or card stock metallic dark with the size of 8.5-by-11-inch. You can use a ruler to measure and pencil to draw a mark. and create the card base with a size of 5 inches square. Then another piece of paper 3 inches of blue stock paper with a paper trimmer and add accents Transformer, like drawings, stickers, clip art, photographs of your child and others.
Use a gel pen with red, blue or black for menlis Transformer character on the outside of the invitation to serve on the border of black card stock. You can use some of the names of characters in the Transformers, like “Optimus Prime”, “Megatron,” “Bumblebee”, “Ratchet,” or All.

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Then print your party information on the white card stock with a size of 4 inches. Write “You’re Invited to a Party Transformer” in bold letters at the top and write the party information below. Write include event, time, location and RSVP phone number. Then glue the card stock in the card.
Send your invitation in a gray envelope and write the guest address, which is written with a silver or blue gel pen.

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