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Twin Birthday Invitations Ideas

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When the twins will be a birthday, of course you want to repeat the same thing twice on party invitations and add interest to be expressed as a regular invitation. You can use a computer and have a free clip art and make personal invitations with a magnetic strip on the back. And you can stick on the fridge to remember.

On the computer in a word processing program, type in bold letters at the top, left of the page:
You are invited to a birthday party! Birthday Party! of
(name of twins)
(name of twins)
(insert clip art birthday)
(date and time)
(date and time)
(a party)
RSVP (phone number)
Use font styles with different colors and use capital letters ntuk write the name of the twins. Put themed clip art and if necessary, you can resize the image. Print your invitations as you will need according to the number of guests to party the twins.

Dr. Seuss twin birthday invitations




twin birthday invitations free printable


twin birthday invitations Minnie Mouse


twin Mickey Mouse birthday invitations

twin first birthday invitations

Cut each invitation with cutting kertas.Tempelkan magnetic tape and peeled backwards on the back of the invitation birthday party for the twins. Lastly, put into an envelope with an invitation to write or e-mail address or give your prospective guests individually.

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