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Unicorn Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Sure would be a pride for you when you create a party invitation or event itself. Make invitations unicorn that can communicate with fantasy and imagination. You can use premade stencil and cut the paper with the shape of a unicorn. Adorn the front of the invitation to have an outline for coloring.
Print stencil unicorn or images that can be found on the website. Use kart that can provide stencil becomes heavy and use black ink. Then cut stencils and make invitations with unicorn shape and fold the card stock in half. Design on paper with a section of the paper folds flush Then fold at the top or left side, depending on your desire to open the invitation.

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Rainbow unicorn birthday invitations
Cut the card with the guide lines and fasten unicorn intact to make the invitation to be able to open and close. Begin to color hologram invitation with colored pencil and form a line in the horn of a unicorn by using glue and do not forget to sprinkle glitter on the wet glue. Add the beads to the unicorn and use the string to be used as a tail.
The final step is to write the party information on your invitation. Write the date, time, location, and do not forget to include the RSVP information.

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