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Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Invitations

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It is green, short, and furry, but it is surprisingly cute to be a birthday invitation theme. If you try to seek inspiration for your child birthday themed invitation, then you might consider to use caterpillar in the design. It can be combined by a colorful design and make your invitation looks just lovely.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Invitations Ideas 2nd  Caterpillar Birthday Invitations Ideas Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Invitations Free Printable

I came across with a cute one when I surfed on the internet. It is from etsy and it has colorful balls pattern at the top and the bottom. For the openning, they use a fancy wording which said “Are you hungry for some fun?” Then they highlight the birthday child’s name in a big hatched red size font. The basic background goes simple with a white color, however it can be matched freely with the rich colors design. There is also the child’s photo in the middle of the big one number which shows the first birthday and a cute caterpillar figure.

Mostly, the theme always use a colorful border design such as abstract colorful border, vector background, or geometric template. However, you can play with the structuring as well. Put the caterpillar ornaments in a creative order and you can adjust the font size as well to pick the one you want to highlight. It is also good to add bushes at the bottom or a tree with red apples to enhance the theme. This will make your invitation cuter. Another thing is to make it looks more like cartoon effect and make sure you clearly write the date, time, and location.

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